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Statistics has the amount of photo's and videos as indicated by the live counter above. The vast majority are digital sets, some older ones are scanned sets. All the latest sets are 2000 x 1333 previous to this 1800 x 1200, early ones were 1200 x 850. All older sets are currently being remastered and enlarged to 2000 x 1333, this is ongoing.


Are available in three sizes to suit your internet connection speed and all photosets can be downloaded in zipped files, picture sizes are as above. The photo's were all shot with high end Bowens lighting and canon cameras and apart from about 3 sets all were shot at f16 for maximum depth of field, which in normal speak means maximum clarity and sharpness. Some sets were shot at the models own house or flat the rest were shot in the studio.

The sets start with the model clothed, she goes through a teasing striptease and usually ends nude apart from heels and stockings. Along the way the model will get into lots of rude and explicit poses usually inserting sex toys, fingers, stockings, thongs etc.


The majority of the videos are HD - 1280 x 720 and of course all the recent ones are. Earlier videos were standard def but the quality is as high as parameters allow. The standard run time of the videos is 13 - 15 minutes and almost all of these involve toy insertion or finger insertion. As in the photosets the ladies usually start clothed and in heels and stockings.

No hidden charges

Once you join there are no extra charges of any kind, you are free to download pictures and videos.


Vary in age from 18 to 63, some are slim with smaller boobs some are more voluptuous with large boobs with lots in between.
Most of the models are shaven in the pussy department, (no sadly we don't have a special department dedicated to doing this). A few however are unshaven.


Models usually start fully dressed and most times now are wearing fully fashioned stockings and heels, often with a thong.
Tights feature in a number of sets too, often fishnet and with no underwear. Tights will usually be torn off by the model so she can show her pussy.

Some teen sets will be bare legs and no heels.


Toys and insertions feature in the vast majority of sets although some models prefer fingers (their own fingers), and every now and then we let one get away without using toys. Some sets feature thong insertion, there are also bananas, cucumbers, heels etc. We don't let them get away without doing spreading shots at the very minimum however.


Some models are ok doing anal shots, the majority are not too keen and of course it's their choice. There are however a number of photosets in here featuring models in anal poses with either toys or fingers, it is never discouraged.

Cancellation of subscriptions

Simply go to the cc bill site, click on where it says cancel a subscription and follow the instructions.

Dollar conversion

If you want to know the exact amount you will pay in your own currency simply click on join and then again to take you to the CC Bill page, and select your own currency. You will then be shown the exact amount.

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