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I hope I wake you gently....

What a day I’ve had at work, all the laptops have gone down and nothing can be done so I might as well have an early day for once. It’s only 2pm so I’ll give the other half a ring to tell her I’m on my way…….… on second thoughts, no, I’ll surprise her.

I’ll be home in 20 minutes if I leave right now.

As I arrive home I see your car on the drive… I’ll sneak in the house and surprise you, mmm the door’s locked… strange…

You’re not in the lounge ....or the kitchen… maybe upstairs.

Ah, you’re there on the bed asleep, so peaceful, with your black out mask on to cut out the daylight. I’ll be quiet and not wake you. Gosh you look so sexy laid there in that underwear… I’ve always had a thing for those black lacy panties and matching low cut bra.

Just standing here looking at you turns me on so much, my cock starts twitching at the thought of what I’d like to do to you, but for now I’ll just watch you, savour you.

I open the wardrobe to hang my jacket and notice the silk handcuffs hanging that we bought for a bit of fun a few months ago and never used... I pick them up just to have another look… turning around to look at you laid there so sexy and inviting… I have an instant idea…

Pondering whether you would be scared or not… I decide to go ahead with my idea. Knowing you … you will love it…

I quietly walk beside the bed and gently slip the handcuffs over your hands, up to your wrists and lock them in place. Then I bend and softly, gently kiss your lips, you stir slowly, I kiss you again stroking your face and you wake, looking at me from under your mask asking what’s going on, I say nothing. You smile and we kiss deeply, passion stirring within our loins.

Holding the cuffs I help you stand and lead you towards the door, pulling the blindfold back down, you ask where we are going, still I don’t answer but kiss you again, oh you taste so good. At the door I turn you around, lift your arms above your head and handcuff them to the hook at the back of the door. The sight of you before me turning me on so much I just want to take you there and then, but I want to explore you more first. While slowly running my hands down your soft arms, I gently kiss your neck, slowly moving across your chest and on to your ears. I whisper softly in your ear that I’m going to give you pleasure and you moan in anticipation.

While kissing your cheeks, lips and the tip of your nose I run my hands down the side of your breasts then underneath them gently caressing them through the soft silky material, I slide my hand behind your back and undo your bra, releasing two perfect milky coloured small domes with the most perfect pert nipples I’ve ever seen. They look so good erect and hard, crying out to be sucked. I take hold of your breasts in my hands and run my tongue around your nipples, the gentle moan from your mouth excites me. I run my hands all around your breasts sucking one nipple and rolling the other between my thumb and finger. I can feel you squirming, your moans music to my ears and you lick your lips, I kiss you again, harder this time, our tongues playing and you beg me to carry on.

I start to work my hands slowly down your body, feeling the softness of your skin, looking at you, noticing the odd freckle on your tummy, I slowly bend my knees to lower myself while my hands, lips and tongue touch every part of your tummy, waist, hips, mmmm you taste so good.

You struggle to free yourself, moving your hips and trying to move away from my touches and kisses.

I reach the top of your panties and run my finger just inside the waist, you gasp. I move my hands and clasp the back of your thighs so gently and stroke them softly, my tongue, hardly touching, runs along the top of your panty line. You moan deeply and as my left hand supports your firm bottom cheeks, my fingers stroke your soft mound through your panties. You are moaning louder, wanting more, I move my hands around to the front of your thighs, stroking the length of your smooth silky legs and back up towards your now swollen pussy.

I can smell the scent of your sex as I move even closer to your pussy, god I want you so badly, my cock is fighting against my suit trousers but I want to carry on with this game, the sound of your gentle moans and the twitching of your body as I touch your erogenous zones turns me on so much I have to concentrate on pleasing you and playing this game.

I run my fingers around the top of your panties again, hardly touching, slipping my fingers down behind the elastic and out again, feeling the warmth of your skin, I look up at your face as I run my hand over your pussy on the outside of your panties, your groans and the look on your face makes my tummy roll, you lick your lips and chew on your bottom lip and I sense that you are in a deep feeling of enjoyment.

Still looking at your face, I slide my fingers inside your panties, you’re always so neatly trimmed, I love the way to take total care of every part of your body, I search out your wet clit, I find it so easily as it is as hard as my cock, mmmm it feels so good, looks so good, using my other hand I slide your panties further to one side and hold them there while I move my lips to your pussy. I kiss you and you cry out, you move your legs apart and I lick the inside of your thighs, the taste of you exciting me more, oh how I want you now.

As I slide two fingers inside you, your moans get louder and louder, your juices flow from your pussy and cover my hand, my tongue gently touches your clit and you flinch, I work my fingers in and out of you gently licking your soaking clit, I pull away and slowly remove your panties, gently kissing your legs in turn as I guide them to the floor for you to step out of. I run a hand up each thigh and my fingers meet in the middle, I part your lips and suck on your clit, you cry out louder this time, I carry on, licking you, moving my tongue and probing inside you, knowing that soon my very hard cock will take the place of my tongue.

You open your legs a little more but I lift one and put it on my shoulder forcing your pussy harder into my face, I lick you deep and suck on your clit, your writhing body trying to move away, your moaning getting deeper and faster, your juices covering my chin feeling all warm and sexy…..

You beg me to make love to you but I ignore your pleas and insert more fingers into you, you scream my name, my fingers working harder as my tongue works your clit to a throbbing frenzy I feel you start to thrust, faster and faster, you cry out that you are cumming. Your body shudders to a slow motion and you are panting, you try to move your leg off my shoulder but I hold you there still licking your juices and teasing your clit, you beg me to stop and that you want me to take you deep fast.

You force me out and close your legs, I stand up and taking your blindfold off, cup your face and kiss you. You savour the taste of your own juice and slowly I reach up and unhook your hands, you cling to me and we kiss deeper and deeper, tongues probing each others mouths.

Your hands move down and urgently unbutton my shirt, I help taking it off still kissing you and your hands move straight to undo my belt and trousers. The hardness of my cock straining to get out, you push me on the bed and slowly pull my trousers off from the ankles then very slowly roll my boxers over my swollen cock and roll them down my legs. I lay naked on the bed as you run your hands up my legs gently scratching with your nails.

You sit astride me leaning forward and we kiss again, a long lingering kiss, tasting each other, you stroke my neck and across my chest tweaking my nipples, I moan and then you are there, taking my stiff cock deep in your mouth, it feels so good, I moan again, you are sucking with a firm grasp, gently moving your teeth over the head of my cock, I want you so bad, I’m going to have to take you soon before I explode. You move your hand up and down the shaft of my cock as you lick the tip with your tongue, looking at me, it’s an electrifying look that we both know.

You move off me and we both kneel on the bed kissing again, running our hands over each others bodies then you gently push me back again and squat over me, taking my full length deep in your pussy, you feet on the bed either side of me and your hands resting on my hips you move up and down, we both moan and I know I can’t hold it in for long, pleasuring you was so exciting. We change positions and this time I tell you to bend over and hold the bed, I want to take you from behind, thrusting deep as I cum. You move into position and I slowly enter you, you gasp and I smile, I know you love it this way, I slowly move backwards and forwards, pushing my whole length into you, I need to cum, I thrust deeper and faster, you are willing me on, telling me how good it feels to have my cock in you, I’m nearly there, I’m panting and I thrust deeper and harder, I cant wait any longer, my cock is rock hard and I can feel the release is almost here, just another few seconds, I thrust once more, putting my cock right into your pussy and cum, oh yes, yes, yes, the feeling is pure heaven, knowing that I have filled you with my hot, white cum.

I lean over you and kiss your back taking your breasts in my hands, you pull yourself up and turn to face me and we kiss. We slowing pull apart and lay in each others arms, totally fulfilled and happy.

Maybe the computers can crash more often at work!!!

Written by Pink Candy 2007

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