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Hello and welcome to My name funnily enough is Garry and I have been a freelance magazine photographer for a few years now. I decided to start this website because I can put on here exactly what I want rather than a magazine editor choosing which pictures to publish and choosing what to make up about the model, (also when to pay me). The fact that I have thousands of naughty pictures of course helped me decide too.

Fetish sets can be very erotic but most top shelf mags (and a lot of websites) don’t like this sort of look as it doesn't fit in with any of the magazine remits. This is a shame because most of the models I speak to actually love this look and also enjoy wearing rubber, pvc, thigh booots etc. Fetish sets are taken to mean photosets of the model wearing rubber, pvc, leather, fishnet, boots, patent high heels, masks, posing with ropes, chains, whips, handcuffs, and so on. Although common fetishes include include smoking, feet, stockings, pantyhose, bondage, tickling etc, most of these are included with the exception of tickling.

There are a number of sites these days which purely concentrate on girls wearing thongs. If you like sexy girls wearing sexy thongs, then joining garrysgirls would be a good move because most of the girls in the site are to be seen wearing them, and then not wearing them. Often models in photosets can be seen wearing naughty underwear around their thighs or ankles which is a cute look I am trying to encourage, it's going quite well. Not sure if I may have a panty fetish myself as there are a number of sets including young ladies doing very rude things with thongs too, like inserting them into their vaginas and licking the gussets, not necessarily at the same time though. All good clean fun.

Other sets included in garrysgirls are young look or teen sets with usually 18 - 20 year old models dressed in teen type clothes - short skirts, little tops etc, with no stockings or high heels. Girl next door and wife type sets are common in the site and the majority of the sets feature the model wearing stockings and heels or pantyhose and heels. The girl next door or wife look has always been really popular and shows no signs of becoming unpopular.

A lot of the sets I have taken have been published in magazines but typically they will use around 8 images from a set of perhaps 150 and usually not the ruder images. Some sets have finger insertion, some have toy insertion but all will have at least “pink" shots (lips held open). Sets shot for the past few years have been targeted at the website specifically and will be as rude as the model allows or feels at the time. I tend not to book models if they aren't prepared to use toys or at the very least finger insertions. They are nearly all ok with this as your average model likes doing rude stuff and being photographed whilst she does it. They get paid well for it too so no wonder they smile a lot.

Most of the models in garrysgirls are shaven or well trimmed which seems to be the current look with younger models and in fact most mature models now too. This shaven pussy look has to be good because you can see so much more - nothing is hidden. I have worked with some unshaven models in the past and there are of course some setsin here. I don't work with unshaven models now, simply because I don't have to, it's not big and it's not clever lol. Apologies to those of you who like hairy muffs.

I use the word model a lot, by this I mean any female willing to take her clothes off for us. Sometimes they are just girls, women, ladies or wives that enjoy doing this and not pro models; it doesn’t matter to me as long as they enjoy what they do. Women love showing off and us men love watching them do it. The models come from a variety of places including agencies, although I have given up on agencies now. Some come from modelling sites, some approach me through the garrysgirls site, some come via recommendations and some via advertising. The rest I just find on the streets (just joking folks).

The variety of models in here is wide, ranging from very cute 18 year old models to models 30 and 40 plus, in fact a lot of models in here fit into the category of milfs. There are a small number who are in their late fifties and perhaps 5 who are just into their sixties but still sexy.I think most men have fantasised about a glamorous or a sexy older woman at some time or other. Mature models or milfs are always popular and as a photographer a lot of the sets I was asked to shoot were of mature models.

The videos in the site were taken on about 4 different cameras over the years but all the recent ones are taken on a Sony hi def camera and have been for a while now, all are very watchable - check out the sample videos in the tour. The content varies but nearly all of them feature the model inserting a toy or fingers after a bit of a striptease or if they are lazy like some models are they just sit in a chair and have a wank.Nice work if you can get it, wish someone would pay me to do the same.

There are no cons or rip offs in this site, what you see is what you get. It has been designed to give you what I would want in an adult site with the emphasis on clear, sharp, erotic pictures of sexy girls and women usually wearing provocative, sexy clothes. The pictures in the tour I think are a good representation of the ones in the site.

Background to Garrys Girls
During the run up period to starting this site I looked at some of the other sites similar to how I wanted this one to be A lot of the sites out there have quite poor quality pictures (over or underexposed, badly lit, badly posed, unsexy clothes etc) of sometimes potentially sexy, horny or even beautiful girls. What is the point of booking a gorgeous model with gorgeous body and taking four sets of pictures of her wearing jeans and trainers, in unflattering boring poses and big white knickers? There is a certain argument for the girl next door look, which can look very sexy and some sets like this are included in garrysgirls but the poses, I think still need to be erotic and also varied.

I can be difficult if as you sometimes do, you get a model who is purely there for the money and doesn't understand that if she looks uninterested during the shoot it will reflect (sorry about the pun) badly on her when people see the pictures, making it harder for her to get work. Luckily most models are good to work with provided you are friendly and easy going and they want to come back and work with you again.

Another thing I did notice with some popular sites was the tendency to photograph the same pose a number of times. I joined one site because I read the reviews which were all very good and I liked the tour which showed some really good well lit and very sharp pictures of pretty models doing rude things with toys. The site listed something like 250,000 pictures so I joined the site. Overall the pictures were pretty good but what I did realise that sometimes these sites don’t tell you that the majority of the pictures are the same, I counted over 30 frames of the same pose (which to me was only a mildly erotic pose); A motor drive can be a double edged sword.

What I consider to be the weaker shots you are always going to get in a shoot I have thrown out rather than to include them just to make the numbers up, and I try not to duplicate shots. Mens mag's which is what I did and to some extent still do, always want a good selection of sexy and explicit poses and they expect you to have edited the set first. If you are thinking of joining a site be careful not to choose it just on how many pictures they have it may turn out to be disappointing. I have done my best not to let this site be dissappointing.

There is a certain amount of text and information attached to each models portfolio of sets. This is simply a small amount of information about the model and a few words from me. I do like and respect the models I work with (most of the time lol). Hopefully the models featured in this site had a good enjoyable and profitable day, (I usually get emails/ texts from them to this effect). I seem to have acquired a good reputation some how or other which pleases me no end and I intend to keep it.

I have found that 95% of the models I work with are easy going, well balanced girls who just happen to have stumbled on a good way to make a living, It's better than working anyway, (hope none of them read this). Well balanced models hmm, do I mean that? Er yes of course I do.

This site is very easy to navigate (it needs to be as I only have a small brain and I am very easily distracted, especially by attractive girls – see the problem?). One of the things I stipulated was that the site was to be kept simple, easy to use and attractive (like the models I work with) ok before I get into trouble that was a joke.

In this site you will only see female models, sexy girls, or wives, because lets be honest most of the time with porn sites involving guys, the guys only spoil the view. I worked on the notion that most of you lot out there want to see good sharp pictures of horny girls enjoying themselves and if toys are involved all the better. If the model brings her own toys as most of them do that’s great, if not I can loan them one for a small fee.

They all have fingers (I hope) and the sight of a sexy female finger or fingers being gently inserted into their owners wet pussy is always going to be horny.

Girls and models always look better in Sexy clothes and underwear, and they seem to like being photographed wearing anything sexy or provocative, or is it just the ones I meet? So nearly all of the photosets start off with the model fully clothed but don't worry, I am in charge of what they wear and for how long they wear it. There are some sets of models wearing uniforms in garrysgirls, a lot more with a secretary look and an awful lot of sets featuring the model wearing black stockings, often they are seamed black stockings - it works for me.

You will find that there are quite a lot of sets of the model wearing pantyhose too although no where near as many as stockings. When pantyhose is worn it will usually be fishnet and will at some stage be ripped (you guessed it near that interesting moist part again). There is something very sexy about seeing a girl rip her own pantyhose off.

Personally I think there ought to be some kind of law passed stating that girls (over 18 because we are not interested in models under this age) must wear stockings and high heels at least three times per week. Knickers and thongs containing more than 4 square inches of material should be outlawed. All thongs should be reduced in price to a maximum of 10 UK pence and production should be increased especially of the sheer black see through ones. Ok I will stop now as I seem to have turned into Ali G.

I think what I am trying to say is that there are a lot of girls and models in this site and they all wear the most sexy or provocative clothes and underwear in their cases for the photo's because that's what we like.

There are pictures of girls,ladies, models, mature models and milfs using toys. Close ups of bums, arses, bottoms, nipples, knickers, thongs, clits, pussy juice, open anuses, toy insertions, finger insertions (anal and vaginal), thong and object insertion, baby oil, cream, smoking, pvc, heels. Fully fashioned stockings, pantyhose ripping, huge tits, small tits, young models, mature models, lesbian sets and more. This is a very varied site.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in there.

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