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Overnight Fishing.
He woke to the sound of a wood pigeon in the tree above his bivey and looked out to see the early morning mist play on the surface of the lake and the splash of fish topping somewhere in the distance in the swirling mist. Close by, not far from the side was a mother mallard with eleven baby balls of fluff swimming by the lily pads. This was a special place, miles from anywhere and with only one small road just over the hedge which again led nowhere but to a dead end and was seldom used, bar a farmer or someone taking a wrong turn by mistake.

There were only 8 anglers in the syndicate who fished the lake, mainly at weekend, but midweek Brian had the lake to himself. He had been dropped off at the lake by one of the other syndicate members so not to leave a car parked on the roadside, being one of the few rules of the syndicate to keep this special place secret. Two day and nights would do him the world of good. He wiped the sleep from his eyes and without getting out of his sleeping bag, lent over to out the kettle on, yes in his bivey he had everything he needed for a couple of days camping out under the stars. As the kettle boiled the sun started to break through and shimmer on the lake surface and the full dawn chorus erupted from the wood behind. From where he had pitched he could see the whole lake and the gate from the road and felt safe with the wood behind, no one could approach the lake without him knowing. He checked his rods and drank his early morning cuppa then got his chair out and off with his shirt and on with his shorts to soak up some early morning rays.

A couple of hours slipped by as he dozed in his chair, then he could hear a car coming down the twist lane. It was coming fast and sounded throaty like a sports car, someone’s taken a wrong turn he thought as it got nearer and kept down out of sight. As the car approached the corner by the lake there was a screech of locked brakes and the sound of a thud as the car left the road, hit the grass verge and slid sideways in the dry ditch at the side of the road. All this happened in a couple of seconds as Brian shot to his feet and ran towards the gate and onto the road, he saw the tyre marks on the grass but the car was well down in the ditch out of view. He clambered down the bank and hr had been right, it was a silver Mazda MX open top sports car. He jumped onto the boot and could see there was a woman slumped behind the wheel. She was conscious but he could see she had bumped her head and seemed very dazed but straight away he could see she was a stunner and as he undid her seat belt and helped her out of the car and supported her up the side of the ditch to the road his nose was filled with the scent of her expensive perfume.

She said her name was Julia and must have taken a wrong turn and on the corner swerved to avoid a mother pheasant with her numerous brood. He invited her back to the lake and to his bivey for a cup of sweet tea and to get herself together after the shock. While walking back he began to notice just how good she looked. Very well to do, in her thirties, jet black hair tied back, great tan, perfect make up and a body and a half, she looked like she worked out with a petite athletic body and her clothes, she was wearing a little black suit with a small fitted jacket and a tight little skirt with a slit up the front. Under the jacket was a white tie round top showing the tops of her breasts and he couldn’t help starring at her firm erect nipples and what seemed like a perfect very brown flat stomach. All this in one moments glance summed up that she was one stunning lady.

He introduced himself and as he did so she also gave him the once over. His dress however was only a pair of camouflage shorts and a pair of brown boots but she noticed his body was brown and firm, not bad for a bit of rough, yes not bad at all she thought to herself, nearly six foot tall, blue eyes, brown hair and at the moment her saviour.

‘Where are we going?’ she asked
‘Back to my bivey’ he replied
‘Bivey!!’ she exclaimed, ‘what’s a bivey?’
‘It’s like a tent’ he answered
‘Oh, I see, so you’re camping then’ she replied
‘No!’ he chuckled ‘I’m fishing’
‘Really, my husband goes fishing for trout, do you catch trout? she asked
‘Shit!!!’ he thought to himself, she’s got a husband, but replied ‘No, I fish for carp’
‘Do you eat them?’ she questioned
‘No, I don’t, I put them back’
‘Oh, so why do you bother?’
‘I’ll try and explain over a cup of tea’ he answered

AS she first saw his bivey she noticed it was all set out in a lovely setting, she looked inside at the camp bed with the sleeping bag and pillow, another type of reclining chair, a stove, a cool box and even a small battery operated television.

‘God, you’re not slumming it’ she said ‘it’s a right mini home from home’, Brian laughed and informed her that he liked his comfort and it was better than trout fishing. She sat down on his camp bed and took off her little jacket explaining she was hot. Brian looked at her, what an understatement, meaning a different kind of hot!

‘Tea’s ready’ he said ‘I’ve put a drop of whisky in it, it will do you good and help with the shock’
‘I’ve only just met you and now you’re trying to get me drunk, whatever next?’ she smirked

Brian knew what he would like but just smiled and looked at her and she looked back with smiling eyes.

‘I suppose you should phone someone to tell them what’s happened’ Brian said
‘Don’t worry’ Julia replied ‘I will phone the garage later for a tow truck and my husband’s away on business and won’t be back until after the weekend so there’s no rush. I do feel a bit tired, maybe it’s the shock and the whisky, do you mind if I take a rest?

‘No problem’ answered Brian, it was a long time since he’d ad someone to fuss over and what a stunner. She swung her legs up and seemed to deliberately give him a quick flash up her skirt. God, this was getting too much, he could feel his cock twitching in his shorts, he had a semi hard on. She undid the top button of her blouse and closed her eyes. He sat on the chair and watched her fall asleep, he couldn’t take his eyes off her and when she turned over with her legs apart, he leant over and looked up her skirt, her brown legs went all the way up and he could see she had some white lace knickers on and could just make out some dark hairs showing through the lace holes. His cock was fully erect, sticking out the side of his shorts and his red end throbbing. He started to stroke it while looking up her skirt, God this is too much, he thought, I need to have a wank. He stood up still holding his cock and walked out to the side of the bivey, with his back to it he dropped his shorts to his boots and started slowly pulling his foreskin back and forwards over his purple throbbing head. His balls were as hard as marble and it was great to feel the breeze on his arse. What a morning, he thought and started rubbing at a faster rhythm and closed his eyes to fantasise on what he would like to do with her.

She opened her eyes wondering where she was but then it all came back to her what has happened. She stood up quietly, looking at the lake for her hero, then as she turned around she saw Brian’s tight arse swaying to and fro, she could not see his cock but knew what he was doing and she felt hot and dirty, he was turning her on and she started to squeeze her nipples watching his movements all the time. She felt hot and damp between her legs and her clit was screaming out for some attention. Still squeezing her left nipple, she used her right hand to lift her skirt and placed two fingers inside her knickers and finding her throbbing erect clit. She liked wanking herself and used toys on herself at home but this was like nothing ever before, both secretly wanking. She decided to make a move, she walked quietly towards him still rubbing her clit as she walked. She got to three feet of him and stood on a twig ‘snap’, it startled Brian and he turned around, like two gunfighters they faced each other.

‘Don’t stop’ she said ‘you’re making me so horny’

He looked, not believing his eyes, watching her hand on her breast and fingering her pussy. She saw his weapon and it was no gun but what looked to be a good sized gorgeous cock. They both carried on wanking looking into each others eyes.

‘God, turn around again’ she said and she walked to him pressing her breasts to his back, he was totally taken by surprise, ‘lets swap hands, I want you to finger me and tease my clit and I want to pump your cock’. They both gasped as they found each other, Brian’s rough fingers entered her wet pussy, he had two fingers working in and out while the flat of his thumb rolled back and forth on her clit, she asked him to rub it harder. Brian looked down at Julia’s hand grasping at his cock, wanking him at a steady speed, her other hand was resting on his arse and with her nails scratching and digging deep into his cheeks.

‘I’m not far off shooting my load’ he said softly
‘Not yet’ she answered ‘I will make you come when I do’ and she squeezed his cock with her thumb and finger slowing him down.

She could feel her own juices begin to leak from her pussy and soak her panties. Brian was hindered by her panties and gave them a tug and ripped them from one leg exposing her pussy for a full on attack.

‘So you want to cum do you? I’m going to make you right now’ Julia whispered

‘How the fuck are you going to do that’ Brian replied

Julia licked her finger and still wanking him shoved it up his bum, fucking hell!!!!, he shot his hot spunk over the nettles in front of him at the same time she felt all the nerve endings in her clit explode and she juiced all down her leg. They were still wanking each other but slower and as she removed her finger from his hols he shot his last drop.

‘That will do for starters’ she said ‘but now I must take a pee’

She lifted her skirt and took off what was left of her knickers and without a care peed in full view of Brian which started to turn him on again.

‘Bloody hell, that’s two firsts for me, I’ve never seen a woman pee before like that and I’ve never had a finger shoved up my arse’ he laughed.

‘Well the day’s still young, who knows what I’ve got in store for you next’ she answered
‘Can I kiss you?’ he asked
She laughed ‘Brian, on our first date!’

The sun was really well up now along with Brian’s cock. He kicked off his shorts and stood before her in just his boots. She smiled and started to take off her blouse,

‘Let me, please’ Brian asked, as he exposed her white bra and was even more surprised that with it off her tits were as firm as they seemed with it on and her dark nipples were hard and pointing skywards. Now her skirt, one button, one zip and she was naked like him, bar her shoes. It was the first time he had seen her pussy, like her hair, it was jet black but neatly trimmed and her pussy lips were a blacky purple and glistened in the sunlight with some of her love juice on her leg. Julia enjoyed being naked and feeling the sun and breeze on her skin and yes it did make her feel horny and dirty. She enjoyed talking dirty and told Brian and said if he didn’t mind it really made her want to fuck.

‘Well it’s my turn to make a request, come over here and put one leg upon my chair’ he said
Julia did as she was told, Brian placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled her to him, his hard cock pressing against her tummy. He kissed her gently on the neck and moved round to her lips, kissing her slowly, she opened her mouth and slide her tongue into his, her breathing getting faster. He could feel her tits pressing against him and cupped both nipples between his thumb and fingers. He kissed her neck and worked slowly down to her tits.

‘Bite me gently’ she cried, and he took her nipple in his mouth sucking as hard as he could, she was beginning to squirm.
‘Fuck me now’ she moaned
‘No’ he whispered ‘wait your turn instead’ and slid his hand between her legs and changed to the other nipple.

His fingers worked her wet pussy and erect clitoris.
‘I want you to ram your full hard length deep into my pussy, I want you to fuck me hard and rough’

Again Brian took control kissing her tummy and used both hands to pull her pussy lips apart with her leg on the chair made it easy for him to give her a good licking. His tongue started slow and deep then faster around her clit while reaching up and squeezing her breasts and nipples hard and with the other hand rammed two fingers up her hole and still licking his prize like a lolly. Her back arched and she yelled

‘You bastard, I’m coming, fuck me you sod, God fuck me with your cock’

Brian pulled one of his fingers out of her pussy and with it nice and wet with her juice it slid easily up her arse. This was to much, her whole body shook violently, his fingers and tongue seemed everywhere.

‘Fucking hell, Fuck, God, oh it’s so good, don’t stop, oh yes, please, oh god, stop you bastard’ and she wnent over the edge and into her second orgasm, she pulled Brian’s hair, dug her nails into his shoulders and started whimpering quieter this time.

Brian got up from his knees and faced her, she pulled him to her kissing him and tasting herself on his lips and mouth. His cock again pressing against her tummy. She reached down and felt it harder and she was sure bigger than before. She licked down from his chin, to his chest, to his belly button, pinching his nipples with her long nails, his cock was pressing under her chin.

‘Well well Mr Cock, time to see how good you’re going to taste’ she smiled
Brian looked down to see his cock inch by inch disappear in her mouth and not stopping there, went down her throat. He could not believe it, it was gone full in to his balls, he had seen it on films but never before had anyone done this to him. It felt good as she slid slowly back up to his purple head again stopping to lick his flange and getting her breath to take it down her throat again. He had never been sucked so slowly but with such an effect that after two minutes he was ready to shoot his hot spunk again. She sensed he was about to come and pulled away wanking him.

‘Spunk my face, you bastard’ she demanded and he couldn’t have stopped if he tried, he soaked her face, his white spunk dripping off her black hair, on her cheek, chin and breasts. She took him fully in her mouth again sucking his last dregs of cum from him, then used her fingers to scoop if off her and cheeks and neck, licking her fingers clean.

‘God, I feel real dirty now, rub that spunk all over my tits and lay down on your camp bed thing’ Brian obliged while Julia moved into position with her legs astride the bed she slowly lowered herself onto his still throbbing cock, this was the moment she had been waiting for. As his cock head entered her pussy Brian couldn’t believe how tight she felf for someone her age. She slid down deeper now, it felt so good at last she whimpered again. She cupped her own breasts and pinched her nipples working the last inch of Brian’s rock hard tool right to the very top of her pussy. Brian felt she had a vice like grip on his cock but she was very wet. She worked his cock deeper and faster like a piston right down to his balls. Her pussy was making slurping noises with the juices and the air trapping inside her and the sound of their skin slapping together on her downward strokes. He grabbed her hips lifting her up to the top of his cock and pulling her down hard again. Watching her face he told her he was going to fuck her hard.

‘Put your hands around my neck and don’t let go’ he said as he swung his legs round and stood up with Julia still impaled on his cock. Brian walked her to the trunk of a tree at the side of the bivey and pressed her back against the rough bark. Julia flinched but it felt good, the bark against her bum cheeks like a bed of nails made her push back her pussy to Brian’s cock on his forward strokes. Pumping her faster and slamming his cock in her tight hole as hard as he could was to much for Julia, she was about to explode scratching her nails down his back. She felt trapped against the tree,

‘Harder and faster’ she begged him, ‘give me it as hard as you can’, she could feel his balls slapping her legs ‘God! Fuck you, fuck, fuck, fuck sweet Jesus, yes, yes, yes, fuck, oh yes, yes, yes, yes’

Brian was taken by surprise at how loud her screams of filth came from her mouth, the words pussy, cock, fuck and spunk filled his ears spurring him to his final strokes. Julia was crying with ecstasy as she finished her glorious orgasm, tears of satisfaction rolled down her cheeks along with her juices down her legs. Brian slammed his cock in one last time, out all the way and then deep to the hilt feeling the relief as his hot spunk shot deep into Julia’s pussy, which set her off again on another mini aftershock. Sweat on Brian’s head sweat, sweat on Julia’s tits and joint sweat where their two parts joined. Julia raised her head and Brian kissed her lips gently this time and they both felt so good. He carried her to his bivey with her still on his cock and he lay down on his camp bed with her on top of him.

‘You know I won’t see you again’ he said
‘I know’ she replied ‘but god, you’ve made me feel like a woman again, thank you’
Brian felt embarrassed, he had just had the best time and fuck of his life and here she was thanking him!

‘When are you planning on catching a fish anyway?’ she asked
‘Fish!’ replied Brian laughing ‘what’s a fish?’
Julia laughed and Brian explained that he needed to up date his gear and that what with being laid off from work it would have to wait. They sat and chatted for a while, all the dirty talk had now gone and it felt like a whole different time but feeling very comfortable with each other even in their state of undress.

‘That was thirsty work, do you fancy a cup of tea?’ Brian asked
Julia replied that she would love a cup of tea and asked if there was somewhere she could wash and freshen up.
‘Use the shallow end of the lake near your car’ he replied ‘I’ve got some soap and a towel’
‘Thank you’ she said kindly, and picked up her clothes and was about to set off for her wash when her mobile phone rang. It was the garage, the tow truck would be with her in about half an hour.

While Julia was sorting herself out Brian took a stroll around the lake trying to take in all that had happened on the last few short hours. When he got back Julia was sat on his bed chair re-applying her make up and drinking her tea. She looked stunning. ‘When I hear the tow truck coming I will make my way to the lane, you please stop here and then no one will know of your secret lake’ she smiled at him.

Within seconds the sound of the truck was heard, Julia stood up and put her arms around Brian’s neck and kissed him on the lips. ‘Thanks for everything, my hero’ and she turned and walked to the gate, no long goodbye, just that kiss.

The truck driver took another thirty minutes or so to load Julia’s car and as Brian peeped through the hedge as Julia climbed into the cab she looked back and blew a kiss, knowing that Brian would be watching.

‘Bye Julia’ she said to himself. Back at the bivey Brian laid out on his bed and as he stretched he found Julia’s knickers under his pillow that he had ripped off her and inside was a bunch of twenty pound notes and a little hand written note saying ‘Thanks again, treat yourself to some new gear and think of me every time you catch a fish!’.

Brian smiled, what a day!!!

Written by Pink Candy 2007

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